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Ask Jeeves, 8/99 - 1/01

I responsible for both the design and, in a twist of fate, also the implementation of a summer 2000 main consumer site revamp. This design brought the homepage to a record low download size in an age when a palpable percentage of the Internet viewing public still used 28.8k & 33.6k modems.

Redesigned homepage

Redesigned results page

Ask Jeeves Shopping

This was a complete redesign on a new information architecture. I worked closely with engineering and Product Management to design develop this key new consumer content channel.

Shopping home Stores page Featured Products


AnswerPoint was a community question/answer forum positioned to help users who did not find satisfactory results via the main search engine. I did the UI & visual design (not including the final comic illustration on the left) and most of the HTML for this first product from technology partner QUIQ, Inc.

See full-size See full-size See full-size See full-size See full-size - Site speed optimization exercises

As ad placements began to weigh down the site, the size of the homepage HTML file alone grew towards 15k. At the turn of the century, this was significant. In what was as much a challenge to myself as to the org, I created a series of variations that were roughly 1/3rd the size.

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4.58k HTML

See full-size

5.5k HTML

See full-size

5.33k HTML - update

In March '00 we launched my infamous hand-drawn 3.9k page curl marketing tool.

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