Bamidele O. Shangobunmi

Diablo II & me

Once upon a time, a new game was released for PCs that would change my life. It would suck me in like no other method of entertainment had in my entire life. Before long, I made it into the top ranks of the very first Battle.Net USWest ladder, and the game became more of a daily job than a fun outlet. Back when I was actively playing in the years 2000-2002, I kept a mini-site up to date with my latest D2 experiences, and in 2009 I resurrected most of the content for old time's sake.

Baroness Nepthys-ofJANG


With 133 strength, 52 dexterity and 1414 defense, Nepthys defied prevailing stereotypes and negative speculation to become one of the all-time strongest mages in her realm, retiring at #7 on the USWest sorceress ladder. Read her story and see her items, stats and skills.

Lady Isis-ofJANG

d2 What do you do when your main character hits the ladder? Start a secondary, of course!


d2 A fastest cast, +mana barbarian. Why? Because I could. Why else?

Sir Bobo-ofJANG

d2 Bobo. Barbar. A low-IQ hack & slash brickhouse with a colorful twist.

The Mules

d2 If only the NPCs were as well-stocked as these guys and gals...

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