The History of the Station
Part I:  In The Beginning...
[accompanying photographs are forthcoming]

In the late summer of 1994, Mahsta Jang, then certified as a Private, began his rise from being a little-known creative architect of space stations to owning and running a station of his own. He was merely working on ideas for a computer-based model of a hypothetical station design to add to his portfolio when he envisaged a revolutionary new concept. Seizing the moment, Private Jang immediately began drawing out the blueprints for what would be Earth's first orbiting, centrallized hub to which modules could be attatched which were run by independent organizations or even individuals. This meant even low-budget businesses could access full space dock facilities, as opposed to having client pools limited to owners of spacecraft with atmospheric flight capabilities.

Jang pushed his idea strongly and created quite a stir amongst corporate enterprise heads. The plutocratic powermongers immediately began lobbying the international airspace governing boards to deny an orbit permit for the proposed project. Popular support for Jang's idea was overwhelming, though, and within a month, construction of Station One had begun. Thousands of men and women worked around the clock, shuttling back and forth between the station's fixed orbit and land-based prefabrication plants.

On October 21st, Station One opened, over a week ahead of schedule. Jang's efforts were praised and the very powers who had lobbied against his plan's approval now voted to award him the honorary title of Commander. Business boomed beyond critics' wildest expectations as operations from around the world flocked to this new symbol of potential and democracy. Many equated Station One's monumental leap of creativity and technology to the Great Pyramids of ancient times. The idea of one man had become the reality of true freedom, independence and prosperity for thousands of the previously underprivileged.

The story continues: The Hobbs Armageddon

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