Bamidele O. Shangobunmi

Who I am, in a nutshell

Bamidele Shangobunmi
Name: Bamidele O. Shangobunmi
Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA
Age: Fortysomething
Favorite saying: "Good enough, isn't."
Profession: LEGO builder & reviewer
(Formerly web & software user experience designer)
Educational background: Plant Biology, University of California, Berkeley, and Contra Costa College
Favorite foods: Grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers & fries, protein smoothies, fruit
Things I loved  as a kid: Birds, He-Man, Voltron, M.A.S.K., my BMX bike, HO scale trains, RC cars, LEGO
Things I love now: My wife, life, hard work, accomplishment, honesty & morality, peace, driving on twisty roads, sci fi, LEGO, gaming

How the name "JANG" came about

As an adolescent I had started signing artwork I drew with the nickname BOSman, a pun on my initials, and this stuck with me when I first got online in the early 1990s. Between 1993 & 1997, I struggled to define an online persona and went through a number of alias changes. From the Wu Tang Clan-inspired "Method Man," I moved to the more original "Mahsta of Methods," then underwent an ego check and adopted the nick "Just A Nice Guy." I didn't want anybody thinking I was too nice, though, so I then abbreviated & hybridized the alias to "Mahsta J.A.N.G." before stepping it up to "Admiral J.A.N.G." in conjunction with a science fiction backstory I invented for one of my early web sites. Eventually I settled on just the enduring acronym, but injected a bit of self-deprecating humor, and "the JANG" I've been for now a couple decades.

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